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How To Get Yourself To Travel the World

Wanderlast: the German word for a very strong desire to travel. It’s not a passion for travel, it’s more like an animalistic need. That’s how I feel. When I’ve been ...

Healthy, Raw Vegan, Clean-Eating, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free All Natural Brownies

Healthy, Raw Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free All Natural Brownies Confession: I have a HUGE sweet tooth. I really really really like chocolate and cakes and basically anything dessert. But as you ...

How I Started Eating Healthy and The Stigma on Healthy Eaters

How I Started Eating Healthy and The Stigma on Healthy Eaters Does anyone know what the Number 2 Special at McDonalds is? My 12-year-old self sure did. Two cheeseburgers, with ...

Essential Questions You Should Ask About All Your Food

We could all do with thinking more about the food we eat. Too many of us simply buy whatever we like off the shelves in our favorite stores. We don’t give enough thought to how it was grown or made, and who gets it into the stores in the first place. When you do your […]

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My goals, visions and dreams

My goals, visions and dreams   These three words are what keep me going. My mantra when I open my eyes and when they drift to sleep. The vibrations I send out to the universe, manifesting their transition from dreams to reality.   It all starts with a dream and mine has always been “to […]

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New Service- Truth Coaching! Find out what it is here!

Truth Coaching Truth coaching- helping you find their authentic you. What gifts you were given? What you were born to put out into this world? What your truth means? We can never compare ourselves to others because the each have different truths. Comparing ourselves is like saying ‘why is my truth different than hers?” We […]

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What I learned from living out of one bag (Bali Update!)

When I came to bali, I wasn’t sure how long I would stay. I knew I wanted to travel around and just practice yoga and focus on my writing, so I decided to pack only the essentials- my iPhone, several pairs of shorts and shirts, a pair of flip flops, a scarf, a cardigan and […]

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So.. What’s a Chakra and an Ego?

Ever felt a negative or positive energy from a person, place or thing? You aren’t crazy! The world is made of different energies (called prana) and humans have a gift to pick up on these subtle energies through our subconscious. That’s why some people just give you good vibes, while other people just make you […]

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Why I Decided To Give Up My Comfortable Life and Travel the World

This kicks off the series of my video blogs as I travel around Asia discovering the ancient secrets to health and happiness, sharing them with you all here! Comment and let me know if you’ve felt the same case of wanderlust!  

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16 Best Foods For Your Skin as Taught By Mama Wasabi

One of the first things we notice about someone is their complexion. Subconsciously humans are attracted to those with clear, radiant skin because it is the number one indicator of our health. The first thing I am always complimented on is my skin. They want to know what my secret beauty regimen is to get my healthy glow. The secret is […]

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An Ayurvedic Trip to the Farmer’s Market with Sara Wasabi

Who needs shopping malls when you have Farmers Markets?! Join me on a trip to the Santa Monica Farmers Market, where I share with you my healthy living tips, how to choose the right foods for your Ayurvedic mind-body type and how you can buy organic on the cheap!   PS: I may or may […]

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Best Way To Meditate For Your Mind-Body Type

Feel like you don’t have time to meditate? Research from Harvard Business Review shows that meditation actually makes you more productive, improve your relationships, make better decisions and resists urges. Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to bring your mind and body back in balance. Our minds are racing a million miles a second, from Instagram, […]

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Karma and Cows- Why Eating Meat Affects You Spiritually

Now I wasn’t always a vegetarian. I didn’t grow up in a tofu-serving household and am still considered the crazy one in my Persian family for not eating kabobs. I began practicing yoga when I was around 13, not for spiritual reasons, but to get a hot yoga bod. Yup I said it. After two […]

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