See What Former Program Participants Are Saying About Working With Sahara

Melissa came to me let down by countless diets and not sure where to turn. She was apprehensive about signing up for an online program because she had never worked with a consultant via distance before. However, it ended up being “the best decision of her life.” She not only find the right way to eat for her mind-body type, but she healed underlying issues that were causing her to make unhealthy food choices. She no longer binges or has cravings to mask negative emotions. She is more balanced then ever before and is free to be her radiant self. I am so honored to have given Melissa such a life-changing experience!


Here is a beautiful testimonial by one of my favorite clients, Weng, about working with me one-on-one for a 12 Week Guided Program. She healed her sugar addiction, overcame her depression, began cooking her own meals and exercising regularly, stopped eating out and drinking, quit her addiction to gaming, improved her digestion, metabolism and LIFE! She even found the courage to quit her job and apply for a Masters Program in Art which my guidance and support. On top of this all, she naturally lost over 20 pounds along the way! A true success story! It was a true pleasure working with Weng and watching the profound changes she made to her mind and body through my guidance.


Katrina came to me confused and misled by diet advice passed along in the modeling industry. She chronically underate, which actually made her gain weight due to a slowed metabolism. She also suffered from acne and thinning hair because of her lack of nutrients. Most importantly, she had an unhealthy relationship with her body and was constantly worried about body-fat. Through my program, she was able to finally learn the right foods for her body. Now her skin is more clear than ever before and she is eating more foods than ever, but weighing less. And best of all, she now loves and honors her body. It was truly a pleasure guiding Katrina!


Ashley came to me suffering from years of cystic acne. She had spent a great deal of money on laser, creams and other topical treatments to heal the acne but nothing seemed to help. She knew she had to get to the root of the issue, which is exactly what we did. I helped her change her diet and remove the foods that were causing her cystic acne. We discovered hidden food intolerances she had that were throwing her hormones off wack, creating this reoccurring issue. Now her skin radiates with glow and she no longer needs weekly facials, fancy creams or expensive procedures to mask her skin. She has gained confidence and can stand fresh-faced, proud of her skin. Most importantly, she has learned that beauty starts from within! It was a pleasure healing Ashley.


Nicole came to me with digestive issues, emotional eating and more. I immediately noticed a huge imbalance in her mind and body, which she was taking out on food. Through our time together, I helped her heal her relationship with eating and learn how to eat the right foods and the right time. We also got down to the root causes of her unhealthy lifestyle choices and put together a meal plan to help her stand on her own feet again. Now she is able to intuitively eat and no longer uses food as a crutch. I had a wonderful experience working with Nicole!

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